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Campaigning for a more accountable & effective Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
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There are two campaign groups that are largely made up of people who have contacted
this web site with similar bad experiences with the spso and that campaign for
transparent public accountability in Scottish governance and for improvements in all
aspects of the Scottish complaints handling service. One is ‘Accountability Scotland’
and the other is ‘Integrity4Scotland’. Details including how to contact and support them,
are to be found on their websites:




Local Government Ombudsman Watch site (link).

Great site which started most of the campaigns to make the Ombudsman more
accountable and effective. Has information on how to set up your own web site or blog.

Public Service Ombudsman Watchers (link)

This site exposes the English Public Service Ombudsman to public scrutiny.

Local Government Ombudsman Watcher blog (link)

Trevor R Nunn's blog on his experiences of complaining to the English Local
Government Ombudsman

Local Government Ombudsman Reporter (link)

A web site exposing the problems and issues with English Ombudsman and their failure
toi accept valid and irrefutable evidence of maladministration.

Sites supporting Medical complaints

NHS complaints exposed (link)
NHS complaints exposed is a web site exposing the truth behind some of the problems
that are found with the NHS.

NHS exposed (link)

NHS exposed is a web site exposing the truth behind some of the problems that are
found with the NHS.

NHS reform group (link)
NHS reform group is a web site exposing the truth behind some of the problems that are
found with the NHS.

NHS Tayside - Uncovering the Cover-Up (link)

‘Example of how the SPSO failed a member of the public when she complained about the
service provided by a GP to her father. The SPSO did not uphold her complaint and
replied "At this point it may be helpful to explain that the subjects to be investigated are
decided by this office rather than by complainants. This applies also to the evidence that
is considered necessary for the investigation and to the details that are included in the

The death of Dirk Ooms medical complaints (link)

The death of Lilibeth Ooms medical complaints (link)

A complainants examples of how the authorities and Ombudsman conspire to hide
medical complaints.


Thomas Milner's Palliative Care Experience (link)


A web site highlighting mental health issues and the injustices of how it is dealt with by
the Police. This site also gives an insight into how the New Ombudsman Jim Martin
operated while he was the Police Complaints Commissioner.

Jim Martin as Police Complaints Commissioner (link)

This how Jim Martin operated before he became the Scottish Ombudsman.

Scotland Patients Association (link)

The Scotland Patients Association questioned the Health Minister regarding the
handling of medical complaints by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman on the 24th
September 2007.
The Scotland Patients Association press release can be downloaded
here (link).

Scottish Health Campaign Network (link)

The Scottish Health Campaign Network campaigns to improve health services in

Sites supporting planning issues

Planning aid (link)

Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional help, advice and support on
planning issues to people and communities who cannot afford to hire a planning

Planning watch (link)

Freedom of Information sites

Scottish Information Commissioner "It's Public Knowledge" (link)

The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland (link)

How best to submit complaints site

Complaint Expert (link)

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) sites

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman web site (link)

This is the main site for the SPSO.

SPSO Valuing complaints web site (link)

This site tells the Authorities how to run a "Model complaints" system.

The site also demonstrates the major difference between how the Scottish Public
Services Ombudsman treats complaints about the service they provide compared to
how the expect everyone else to run a model complaints system.

The main difference is the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) does not accept
or formally investigate or report any complaints about themselves.