The purpose of this site is to assist new complainants to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO)
by giving easy access to information collated from diverse official sources.

Now that you understand the law on defamation and the criteria used to define "maladministration", you
are able to link your complaint to the category of "Maladministration" you believe has affected you and
focus the Scottish Ombudsman's attention on it.

Believe me, once the Scottish Ombudsman has made their initial ruling it is almost impossible to persuade
them otherwise, no matter how valid and irrefutable you believe your complaint to be. Without knowing
what constitutes "Maladministration", it is not possible for members of the public to challenge the decisions
of the Scottish Ombudsman.

It should be noted that the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) will not accept your complaint
unless you have exhausted the authority's complaints procedure ie: you must have first complained to the
authority in question and then have appealed their decision, only after you have exhausted the authorities
complaints procedure can you then approach the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman web site has a section where online complaints can be made or
the complaint form downloaded and submitted by post.

If you have made what you felt was a valid and irrefutable complaint, but it was rejected by the Scottish
Public Services Ombudsman then go to step 4
"How to complain about the Scottish Public Services
Ombudsman (SPSO)".

Link to Step 5. How to complain about the SPSO

Important message for anyone with a medical complaint; before submitting your complaint to the
Scottish Public Services Ombudsman you need to be aware that 1. the SPSO currently takes 2+ years to
"investigate" your complaint, which means that you might be time barred from using any other route of
redress ie legal or General Medical Council and 2. once the SPSO has rejected your complaint it is even
harder to get anyone else to look at your complaint as they will always refer back to the SPSO's decision
and say nothing more can be done. If you have a very good case then you should look at the "no win, no
fee" lawyers, or lawyers who specialise in medical negligence cases. Be aware that the legal route can
take a long time and be very costly. Do not enter the legal route without taking professional legal advice.
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